Lily has been obsessed with cheetahs ever since she was three years old


she first was obsessed with tigers but once she learned that cheetahs were the fastest land animal, well, it was all over for the tiger (not really though. she loves all cats)

the cheetah, like so many other things in the world nowadays, need our help

and the cheetah conservation fund is doing just that, helping the cheetahs

whenever Lily reads about cheetahs slowly becoming extinct, she bawls her eyes out

because yes, it’s sad

it’s actually super sad

imagine a world without cheetahs (or elephants, jaguars, whales, sharks and so on and on….)

well, she is finally at an age where she can do more than just cry and be sad about it

she can finally help!

and she is doing so by doing one of the other things she loves


Lily created her own stamps and prints

cheetah prints (save the cheetah prints!)

this saturday she will be selling them for the first time at a friend’s gallery opening and we couldn’t be more happy and proud of her

Lily will be donating all proceeds to the cheetah conservation fund

(ten dollars a print. if anyone on here is interested in purchasing one, please let me know)