cape coral. home moments

if someone had told me after living in miami for fifteen years (and always complaining about the summer heat) that one day i would voluntarily plan a vacation in florida in august, i would have told them that they were fucking crazy


but, that is exactly what happened

when Will and i started planning an august getaway, we looked into going back to california (l.a. area), tulum mexico and costa rica

we wanted beach and pool days at home

when you own a pet, going on vacation requires extra planning (and money)

because we didn’t want to leave foxy somewhere for that long (two weeks) and because everything we truly wanted to do could be done a long car ride away in florida, that’s exactly what we decided on

a florida vacation that we drove to with foxy in the car

instead of the east coast that we are more familiar with, we opted for the west coast

our airbnb in cape coral was exactly what we needed

quiet (like soooooo quiet) and not crowded

we had pool/home days and beach/adventure days

our pictures from that time are a little over two months old now

i’m just about done editing them all

so before august turns into last year, i am going to try to come here and post some of them throughout the week

going through them is slightly hard

it makes me so nostalgic of summer break, the ocean and of having a pool……

ps- because there was a lot of house stress at that time, Will ended up staying in asheville so it was just me, Lily and foxy until our miami friends came to join us

to be continued….