cape coral. home moments… continued

last night i started feeling like i am coming down with something


you know when your body starts getting achy all over?

yes, that coming down with something feeling

i feel run down these days

between Lily’s school, after school activities and all the other life/holiday planning that has been taking place, i feel slightly drained

i am also slightly bored and antsy with the every day routine that takes place during the school year

i am getting anxious to go somewhere new and see/do new things

coming here, to this space, is a good reminder that we get out and do despite the mundane feeling of every day

but looking at these pictures i am also quickly reminded that august was the last time we went somewhere and the last time i saw the ocean…

i think i’m just feeling all the feelings today

must have been the joan didion documentary i watched on netflix last night

ps- if you can, watch it. so good!

a morning fishing with friends. our airbnb was right on the water

they caught a catfish. i had to be the brave one to let it off the hook

although i am pretty sure he is gay, he always gets spoiled by the ladies

getting all made up by auntie K for a girls dinner out

another day, another make over. this time by Sara

i ca’t believe she will be eight in less than a week

photo shoot fun

last morning in our cape coral paradise