around here

for those of you who follow along on insta, i guess you already know that we are in nyc


Lily’s big birthday experience/gift was tickets to the broadway show cats so that required a family trip up here

it’s her first time in the big apple and Will and i have never been together

the last time i was here was six years ago when i came for a friend’s wedding

it was so long ago that they have since gotten divorced (touche)

nyc holds a special place in my heart

i spent a lot of my teens and my twenties here

it’s a city i don’t particularly miss but a city i always get excited about seeing when i know a visit is coming up

unlike all the other times i have spent here, i am going to make like a tourist and try to take lots of pictures with my nikon so i can share our trip with you

have a happy weekend!

just hanging out at home on a weekend morning

a sick day home from school

madeline hatter on saturday for our second annual halloween neighborhood party that got poured on

a greek goddess for two dress up birthday parties the sunday after the halloween saturday party

on halloween. she chose to wear a costume she wore two years prior. it’s a favorite

the morning after her birthday party

our backyard

our bedroom windows from the bottom of our backyard

our peppers are still going despite the frost we had

not the best time for a picture but ok…