we are back from nyc where we experienced the coldest weather we have in a long while


the whole east coast was hit with an artic cold front so the first two days we were there, it didn’t get warmer than thirties and at night it was low twenties

brrrrrrrrrrrr is right

so how about some beach summer pictures to warm up our day?

auntie K’s mom has a place in naples (right on the beach) and since it was a short one hour ride from cape coral, we made the trip two days in a row

i miss the ocean

it’s been three months since our florida summer break vacation

so it’s been three months since i last saw the ocean

and yes, i am counting

i always count…

day one. have you ever seen more perfect ocean water? paradise

day two started with brunch (no pics) and then the zoo, beach and pool

Lily fed a giraffe for the first time. i missed the moment with my nikon but got it with my phone