n.y.c. day one

when Will and i first started planning our trip to nyc (back in september i think), we searched for places to stay on airbnb and vrbo like we always do


the places most suitable for us and with the best rates seemed to all be located in harlem and brooklyn

although they are both great places, because it was Lily’s first time in the city, we didn’t want to be that far away from everything

so, we booked a hotel in chelsea (this one)

it wasn’t the greatest hotel but it also wasn’t the worst hotel

it was exactly what we needed

a place to keep our belongings, sleep after a long day of walking and a place to shower before yet another day of walking

and despite the arctic cold front, we did a lot of walking

our first day there (friday) we decided to walk south and do all of soho, greenwich village, nolita, china town, west village, east village…

we just walked everywhere

it felt great to be able to share with Lily places that are such a part of who i am today

although i never lived there, i went to school there, worked there and partied there

nyc was my city for such a big part of my life

i want to write more about our trip but to tell you the truth, i don’t have the energy for it

it’s been a challenging week (year)

since i have two more nyc posts planned, i will try to write more then

happy friday and happy weekend friends

*not pictured: a visit to my old work to visit old coworkers, rescue from the cold in a coffee shop, the best dinner in the east village/china town with a friend