n.y.c.. day two

new york city…. what can i say about one of the largest cities in the world!???


have you all been?

having grown up in new jersey in my teens, nyc was my escape from jersey boredom

i would cut school and take the train into the city where i would spend the day without my parents having any idea where i was (because i was supposed to be in school) and where so many things wrong could have happened to me

thankfully nothing wrong ever did happen

i would go in, walk all over the village, hang out at washington square park, people watch in soho and take the train in time to be back home at the same time i would be home from school (clever right?)

being in nyc always made me feel alive

its energy was intoxicating

the city was a place i continued going to and grew up in well into my twenties

i partied in the city, i went to school in the city (fit) and at lastly i worked in the city

i knew it quite well

for a very long time i knew it well

unlike all the times before, on this past visit, i felt a bit like a stranger in the city

the last time i had visited had been six years ago and the last time i had been a functioning city person was in two thousand and four when i worked there

it was a little bitter sweet to feel like a stranger in a city that felt like home to me once

it felt good nonetheless to share with Lily so many of my old spots

even if so many of them changed so much through the years

being there in a family dynamic was also different for me

i mostly knew the city as a single girl

in a strange and funny way, it felt like a sex in the city moment

here i was back in the city with my husband and daughter after having had the time of my like there as a single young girl

i’m sure the city is just as much fun for the young people in it now, but if i can be completely honest, i think it was way more fun, open and free in the eighties and nineties

just saying….

anyway, i think i have said enough

here are pictures from our second day there

happy friday!

ps- i always related to carrie, miranda and samantha. never related to charlotte. but in the end, i ended up married with a family. like a real charlotte. ha!

we walked the high line

we stumbled upon a veteran’s parade. Lily was obsessed!

i got a thing for vintage cars

we took in some amazing christmas windows

grand central station

not sure if they were getting married or doing some sort of art performance but i dug it

we got to see the tree being set up at rockefeller center

yup. this happened in time square

we spent the rest of the afternoon at moma where we took in some amazing exhibits and where Lily got her craft on at their lab (it was also brutally cold out and we were over it)