around here

this morning i sit here in our living room with a now cold cup of coffee


Will is at work and Lily is at school

i should probably be on a walk but i am unmotivated to do so and i feel like this space is no longer updated as often as it used to be

making it yet another thing i have slowly let go of

as i sit here surrounded by bare naked winter trees, i am quickly reminded of how much i actually hate winter and all the sad nostalgic feelings that come with it

winter makes me think of cold childhood days in portugal, fights between my parents and difficult teen years in jersey

it’s been five years since i have talked to or seen my dad, three since i have seen my mom and two since i have seen my brother

all my good friends live far away now and although i have Will and Lily, i am the loneliest i have ever been

her last day as a seven year old

her first day as an eight year old

bedroom morning light

small offerings and changes

pink offerings

not quite out. not quite in


the guest room waiting for guests