n.y.c.. day three

our trip to nyc was just a little over a month ago and yet it feels like forever ago already


i am so behind on pictures

i still have pictures from topsail (march) and cape coral (august) to edit and post

but before this year comes to an end, i wanted these to be on here

day three in nyc was the whole reason for our trip


as in the broadway show

we had surprised Lily with tickets on her birthday and show day just couldn’t come soon enough

she loved every second of the show and i truly believe it was an experience she will never forget

she has told me several times since this day how she wishes she could see CATS every day lol

anyway, it’s a gloomy and rainy wednesday here but we don’t mind because it is also the first day of a long winter break

hope you are all having a good week so far

the day began with her first subway ride

central park

$5 for a picture? you’re getting $2 and like it big bird!