a christmas tree

well friends, here we are, just days away from christmas


it’s been quite the busy season leading up to now

slightly overwhelming at times often turning me into a bit of a grinch but, here we are now in west virginia and all is fine and merry

you may remember our trip out to boyd mountain tree farm last year

wanting to keep a new family tradition, we went there again this year however, i guess we were a bit late because they were sold out of trees

thankfully there was another smaller farm just up the road

it wasn’t as scenic but we got ourselves a lovely christmas tree which we dressed once we got home

it might be slightly quiet here until the new year

it’s been a rough one

for me, for us, and for so many loved ones

but one thing i am always thankful for is my/our family and the amazing support of wonderful friends

merry christmas friends!

love your loved ones