all i wanted for my 45th birthday last year was to see and be close to the ocean


when i started looking at plane tickets out to los angeles, i looked for all three of us

the prices were insane! (it’s crazy expensive to fly out of Asheville regardless of what Will says/thinks)

Will and i discussed matters and he suggested i go by myself


the last time i had gone on a trip by myself was six years ago

we were still living in Miami (in our small southbeach apartment) and i flew to NYC for a long weekend to go to a friend’s wedding

i sat on the idea for a while

could i do it?

could i actually go away for my birthday and new year’s on my own?

without Will and Lily?

the idea seemed crazy

crazy and scary

but the idea slowly also started seeming really fun

and so i did it

i purchased a ticket out to lalaland where i spent my birthday and new year’s

and you know what?

it was wonderful!

we all survived

and Lily only cried to me over the phone once

i needed that kind of start to 45 and to a new year

44 and 2017 were shit

but i feel good about this new age and year i am in

the weather out west was perfect

40’s in the morning, 70’s during the day and 50’s at night

we drove out to malibu where we had lunch at one of my favorite places

neptune’s net

after lunch i got to walk along the ocean and soak my feet and face

i felt rejuvenated instantly

the ocean tends to always do that for me

and oh boy did i need it! (it had been four months since i had seen the ocean)

on the way home we pulled over on the pch and got to take in a beautiful sunset

if you know me by now, you know i love nothing more than the sun setting on the ocean

the birthday evening ended with delicious enchiladas and margaritas (not pictured)

it was a wonderful day

i am happy i got over all those hangups i had and went solo

sometimes it’s needed

happy friday friends!

hope you all had a good week

wish i could have carried this giant heart beach rock home with me…. so much love for malibu

the ocean and the sun setting on the ocean for my birthday. it could have only been better if Lily and Will were there