topsail. march twenty seventeen

how about some random thoughts on this post filled with pictures from our trip to topsail beach back in march 2017?


i’m just going to spit them out as they come

– as i put this post together, it dawns on me that it contains most of my favorite things. Will, Lily, the ocean, a sunset, a cocktail, seafood… i mean, what else does one need?

– i had my yearly physical on monday. all is good. with the exception that i gained 8lbs in the last year. that’s the most i have ever gained since being pregnant with Lily. i was aware that 2017 was the least active year for me but 8lbs? fuck!!!!

– Lily had her physical yesterday. she lost weight but grew 3.5″. she has a cold but other than that, she is healthy

– we had yet another early release from school yesterday. at this point it’s just borderline ridiculous since it didn’t start snowing until night time

– i believe this was the last time we were all at the beach together. and that is ridiculous in itself

– since these pictures Lily’s hair has gotten so much longer, she has lost so many more of her baby teeth, her face has become less round and she went from 7 to 8

– when it comes to pictures of Lily, i’m not so good at editing so you’re getting an overload of them

– when it comes to pictures of sunsets, it’s the same as pictures of Lily so…. repeat

– i secretly want the house in these pictures. the one that gets daily sunsets. because duh, sunsets

– i liked topsail a lot. i would totally go back. off season though

hope you enjoyed all these random thoughts and that you are all having a great week so far