a snow day

let me just start off by saying that i think this is the most up to date/current post i have done in a long, long time


when we woke up yesterday morning, there was snow on the ground and school had been cancelled

at this point i don’t even know what to say about all of these delayed openings, early dismissals, no school snow days

especially since sometimes there is no snow

like on tuesday when they dismissed school an hour earlier (1:30pm) and it didn’t start snowing until 11pm

i have never experienced anything like this….

it’s our third winter here and i am still not quite used to this snow nonsense (or better yet, lack of snow non sense)

i am appreciative of the chance it gives Lily and i to spend extra time together but i do worry how the school system is going to handle the students making up all of these snow days that half the time don’t make any sense to me

when i picked Lily up from school on tuesday, her teacher told me that if it continues this way, they might have to make up some days on saturdays

saturday school

i’m just not ok with that

anyway, Lily and i had ourselves a snow day filled with a little bit of everything

i would like to know, how do you fill up your snow days?

ps- school was cancelled today again. we have yet another snow day

  • not pictured: Lily reading, laundry, shrink art, countless cups of turmeric tea

our backyard

this 2-ply cashmere robe has made me want to become a robe wearing person

i ate this bowl of hot oatmeal while ordering new spring/summer shoes for both Lily and i to wear to future far away and warm places. because what else does one do while having cabin fever on a snowy day?

we went on a snowy walk and we were the only ones out

we played lots of games

cooked yummy food

watched documentaries. loved Dries. so inspiring!

we ended the day with a lavender bomb bath and project runway