los angeles

Connie and i met in san diego in the early nineties when i was 19 and she 21


through the decades, between the two of us there have been countless jobs, apartments/houses and cities/states

since san diego we have never lived in the same city/state again

that said, the last time i had spent my birthday with her, was in miami when i turned 31

kind of crazy how fast 14 years went by

every home that i have visited Connie in has been charming as can be

not only does she have a great eye for decor but she has been super lucky with the spaces she has gotten

from san diego, to annapolis, to nyc, to venice beach… all wonderful

her new home in franklin hills (los feliz/silverlake) is by far my favorite though

i love everything about it

the location, the architecture, the light it gets, the outside space it has, the fruit trees…

and unlike any other place she has lived in before, this one is all hers because she bought it just a little over two years ago

it was a great visit out west

one that was long overdue

it’s yet another no school snow day over here

i have no nice words left about the situation so i am going to shut up and wish you the happiest of weekends

happy friday!

i love her entryway

the backyard with its awesome views

and all the sunsets she gets on the daily

i love the neighborhood she lives in filled with hills and giant cacti

repetitive maybe but i just couldn’t get enough of this

tintorera was one of my favorite places we ate at. not just because of its delicious drinks and food (best huevos rancheros i have ever had) but also for its atmosphere. it was very miami

so many wonderful hidden tresures

last sunset of 2017. bye felicia. bye!!!!