around here



winter is the reason i decided to move to miami from new jersey

it’s not like miami made a big impression on me

i actually found it quite cheezy the first two/three times i visited

but i didn’t give a shit

i just wanted to get the fuck away from the cold and the snow

one more winter would have broken me

this is our third winter here in asheville and although a bit milder than those dreadful new jersey/new york winters, i believe i have come to the conclusion that winter is just not for me

it takes a real effort for me to be/stay happy during winter

i have been spending so much energy on trying to be positive about where we live and the winter that surrounds us that there are days when i am left with nothing

nothing but pure exhaustion

winter makes me spend countless hours on zillow and airbnb searching for homes in warmer places (and closer to the ocean)

even on the sunniest and warmest days, winter doesn’t make me want to go outside

all is brown and dead

there is no green, no flowers, no life

winter is depressing as fuck and it messes with my healthy state of being

seasonal affective disorder, hello. my name is Claudia

a sunny green corner at home

sunday with curlers

a winter sunset

some of the birds who visit us

a family lunch outing. i had a delicious beet burger

a week of no school snow days

a morning at the biltmore greenhouses where everything was green and lush inside

and frozen on the outside

a sleepover at our house with a good school friend

a saturday morning exploring the river arts district

a sunday togetherness in our old hood