topsail beach. march twenty seventeen… continued

hello friends


it is almost seven in the morning and i am sitting in our dining room with a cup of coffee in the dark while putting this post together

i woke up before six like i always do when Lily has school and it wasn’t until after i turned the coffee machine on that i saw that i had a missed call and a voice mail from her school

they are operating on a two hour delay today

i looked out the window

no snow

no rain

i checked the weather

it’s almost thirty degrees

i don’t understand

i am trying to, i am

but i just don’t get it

am i missing something?

it’s a bit windy but at this point if it’s windy, no school?

if it’s raining, no school?

if there is the slightest bit of snow, no school?

beyond frustrating

they already took away all the half days and days off that were planned for february and march

they are now all regular school days

what’s next?

school on saturday?

staying longer in june when school is supposed to be over and done with?

good thing is Lily gets to sleep in

i wish i could have gone back to bed and do the same but once i am up, it’s hard for me to go back to sleep

so a sunny and warm topsail beach post it is

the continuation to the previous one and the ending story of our wonderful weekend at the beach

crazy to think that this was the last time we were all at the beach together

have a great day friends!

we went back for the sunset at the same spot as the previous day. right across the street from the house we stayed in. on the sound

on the way home the gas meter showed that we still had gas to go for another 60 miles but that wasn’t the case. all of the sudden the car just stopped right off the highway. we had to call for help. extending our six hour drive home another hour or so. just twenty seventeen fucking with us again….