around here

hi friends!


how excited are we all that it’s friday?

we had a busy week

one filled with school, after school activities, dentist appointments (Lily has cavities), a school concert and a lice lady appointment (i will soon write a long post on this)

we also had some really wonderfully warm (and sunny) early spring weather

i’ve been a bit more proactive about my seasonal affective disorder

per Mirari’s suggestion, i have started taking vitamin d and i have also been exercising at least 4 times a week

i definitely have my days where i struggle more to keep my head above water (even tough the ocean is still so far away…) but hey, spring break is just a little over one month away

it is what it, right?

happy friday!

the celebration of a friend’s new studio

signs of spring

a rainy sunday filled with puzzles

she’s gone now and i miss her

a new otter print created by Lily

a happy window scene

school morning early struggle

a lunch date

rose petal bomb baths