around here

yesterday afternoon after i picked Lily up from school, we drove to tcby for some frozen yogurt like we do almost every week


it was 80 degrees out

once we got home, we hung out in the backyard until it was dinner time

we have had the most beautiful (and slightly alarming) weather this week

sunny and hot all week

perhaps too sunny and hot for this time of year

but, after the winter we just had, i will take it

i have noticed a huge change in my mood (for the better)

so i will take it

here are glimpses of what february has been like for us

can’t complain

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

ginger the red panda has been getting all the love lately

dressing up is still a favorite

a favorite window

been taking this guy for long morning walks lately. as well as adventuring in the yard

we have a lot of hellebores. it’s exciting. we have never had them before

a pedicure

a small art show opening

shiny pink boots for me

shiny pink shoes for her

a sunday playdate

school pick ups

the first nice day out after many many rainy and gloomy days

my valentine

a dentist’s visit

open toes

all about the dresses over jeans

a school concert to celebrate black history month

a second saturday sewing class

i’ve been painting all the linen kimonos

she painted the best starry night