the “L” word nobody wants to say. or hear



yes, i said it

and yes, you heard me right

i’m going to say it again


Lily had lice again recently

the third time this school year

i treated and combed through her hair and could not believe the amount of nits that came up with every comb through

way worst than the two previous times

i was convinced that i too had lice

my head had been itching for a few days and although i had told myself that it was dry scalp, i went ahead and made an appointment with the lice lady

yes, the lice lady (Anna) as she is known around town

i went for my visit and sure enough, i had lice


the first and last time i had had lice was when i was five years old

anyway, the lice lady treated my head and while she did so, i picked her brain

i learned a lot about lice from the lice lady

and because i wish somebody had told me what i know now, i would like to share with you some helpful tips regarding lice

1- any over the counter lice treatment does not actually work or kill lice so save yourself the money and don’t buy it

2- the most important tool you need to remove lice is a really good comb. like this one

3- instead of the over the counter lice treatment, use any conditioner to cover the whole head with while hair is dry. or mayonnaise, olive oil, crisco… use any greasy/conditioning substance to cover the hair with and then do a good comb through with lice comb

4- after each comb through, wipe comb on a white towel (you should be able to see all the bugs/nits if there is lice)

5- once you have combed through the whole head, wash hair

6- blow drying hair on high heat will help kill nits/lice (they don’t like heat)

7- you do not need to throw away or burn all of your furniture because once lice is off your head, it will not survive. lice will only live on heads

8- washing the bedding or just putting it in the dryer in high heat is recommended

9- applying rosemary spray (a lice repellent) behind the ears and nape of the neck every day before heading off to school will help prevent lice

10- repeat comb through treatment one week after the original time

i hope none of you or your kids get lice

but if you do, i hope these tips are helpful to you

if you have had lice and know any tips that i did not mention, please share

stay lice free everyone!