around here. march

it’s been a challenging week



i started off this new year in a positive note, wanting to complain less and do more however, this week got the best of me

sometimes it is a real struggle for me to exist in this town

it is like nowhere i have ever lived before and after living here for a little over two years, i am pretty convinced it is not for me

the weight of not being able to just pick up and go like i used to when i wasn’t married with child weighs heavily on me

because sometimes that is exactly what i want to do

to get in the car and drive away….

have a good one frineds

after school ice cream sandwich dates

and after school sushi dates

power outage lice treatment dates too. not as fun though

a march wednesday morning snowfall

a warm breakfast and still painting all the linen kimonos

a colorful mantel

my orchid babies are still blooming

and a march thursday morning snowfall