according to Lily. miami

one of the things i love so much about the canon point and shoot that Will gifted me is the fact that Lily often picks it up to use it herself


so i thought it would be fun to do a miami post through her eyes

Lily had a great time in miami

she had missed it

it had been one year since we had visited last

one year exactly

and one year exactly prior to that

this was our third spring break in miami since moving from there to asheville

we have done pretty much the same things every time we have returned

beach, pool, hang out with old friends, eat at our favorite places, walk on lincoln rd…

after spending a last morning with friends, walking on lincoln rd and eating at one of our favorite places where we had one of our favorite servers serve us, we got in the car and said goodbye to miami

tears flowed heavily down Lily’s face

she didn’t want to go

i didn’t either

she cried and cried and said she wants to move back to miami

she misses her miami friends, the beach, the sunshine….

i know, i told her

i know

how can she not miss miami

miami was all she knew for the first six years of her life after all….

she enjoys taking selfies. lots of them lol

a birthday celebration by the water with good friends

lunch by the water with other good friends

proof that the birkenstock apple did not fall far from the tree….

easter selfie