miami. twenty eighteen

when i first started looking into booking spring break, it was the very beginning of january


i knew we needed a place that was warm, sunny and with an ocean

i considered california

too expensive

i considered disney world

too expensive

then i thought, what about a cruise?

i first looked into a cruise leaving from charleston, sc because it was only a four hour car ride from here

too expensive

but what about a cruise from miami?

we could drive there, stay at an airbnb for several days, see good friends, spend easter in our old neighborhood, go on a four day cruise and drive back

all within budget so that is exactly what we did and it felt so good

there were so many things we both missed about miami and it was wonderful to be able to get that little fix

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

our airbnb had the most amazing miami views

a 50th birthday celebration by the water

and two best mermaid friends reunited. finally

full moon over miami

coffee with a view

no colors like miami colors. i miss everything about this

a morning at the beach with good friends

lunch with a view

afternoons at the pool

a visit to see good friends

a sleepy Lily on our airbnb balcony


waiting to embark on the carnival victory

to be continued…