a carnival cruise. day one

while living in miami for fifteen years, i never thought about going on a cruise


not until we knew we were going to be moving away

then a cruise was lightly talked about however, we never went

when i booked our cruise for spring break, a seven day cruise sounded too long

but four days?

four days sounded totally doable

so on the monday after easter we embarked on the carnival victory

on a four day cruise that took us to key west and cozumel

i had no idea how and what Lily and i were going to be like on a cruise

but you know what?

it was a great first cruise experience and we had an amazing time!

and i want to tell you so much about it

so much more

i want to tell you all

but….. my mom just got here from portugal this morning, we have had a long day and i am tired so….

happy friday and happy weekend friends!

peace out miami

Lily settled right into the upper deck

our cabin. with a balcony. and a view

Lily did not lose any time. we were still in miami and she was having the best time ever already

too many pretty miami views? sorry…..

the view from our balcony

taking the glass elevator down to the dining room for our first early dining experience

mini golfing at sunset

the moon from our balcony