a carnival cruise. day two. key west

when we woke up in the morning from our first sleep on the carnival victory, we found ourselves in key west


it was early in the morning

Lily and i had breakfast in our cabin, showered and got ready to disembark

key west was not a new spot to me

i had been a handful of times before

Lily had been once as well

if you know key west, you know it is not an early morning sort of place

it is a late afternoon, sunset, and night life kind of place

that said, as Lily and i walked around, other than some souvenir shops, most of key west was closed

after about an hour, Lily asked if we could just go back on the ship and go in the pools

“great idea!” i thought

best idea actually because everyone was off the ship on their key west excursions and so we had the whole ship pretty much to ourselves (it was the only time i got in the pool. too crowded otherwise)

it was our first full day of our four day cruise and it was a great one!

hope you all had a great week

it’s been pretty much raining here since sunday and i am a bit over it

happy friday friends

the view we woke up to from our cabin

breakfast on our balcony

look how tiny Lily is

key west pretties

back on the ship and ready for a cocktail

sorry (not sorry) but i couldn’t get enough of this view from our balcony. or the color of the water. or the sky

dance party on the deck

a very happy mermaid

showered and ready for our dining hour after a full day of fun

a selfie

after dinner sunset

a late movie in bed