around here

it’s hard to believe my mom has been here for almost a month already and that she will be going back home to portugal in a week


and that Lily starts summer break in less than a month

i know i keep saying it but, time truly is going by so so fast

and because time is going by so so fast, even though summer has not quite started yet, i’m already starting to panic about winter returning

i know it sounds crazy but i am

this past winter did me in and the thought of yet another winter around the corner scares the shit out of me….

in the mean time enjoy every day right?

a pink moon on the way home from gatlinburg

a sunday coloring and baking


a date night with views

a weekend in folly beach

a sunday morning in charleston

after school ice cream dates

post school, pre art class

a concert date night

an afternoon at the biltmore before the rain

another afternoon at the biltmore before the rain. again