a garden update. asheville

we rent this castle home form a couple who lived here for a couple of years but now reside in new york


prior to them, the woman who owned this home, was a passionate gardener

when we moved in in september of last year, the garden was getting ready for fall

there were roses, dahlias, you could tell it was a promising garden (our largest by far) but it was fading

this spring every day has been like christmas

filled with garden surprises

we have so many rose bushes, hellebores, rhododendrons, hostas, apple trees….

after the dreadful winter we had, it feels so good to see color again

our first peony

the rhododendrons are exploding all over town. including ours

the azaleas have all had their turn

we purchased some hibiscus

and some clematis

along with these as well. forgot what they are called

wild poppies?

pretty weeds?

anyone know what these are?