around here

well, my mom is safely back in portugal


she departed wednesday afternoon and landed thursday morning

we’re all feeling her absense

but we’re all thankful for the wonderful month we all had together

the few days leading up to her departure are always such an emotional roller coaster for me that i was completely wiped out yeterday

and yes, i cried

i always cry

and although i try to not always do it in front of Lily, when i was putting her to bed wednesday night, i broke down

she wrapped her arms around me and cried too while trying to comfort me

sometimes i think our children forget that we are somebody’s children too

so i told her that it was ok that i was crying because i missed my mom

because she’s gone

and because mamas need mamas too

happy friday friends

a date night

mother’s day twenty eighteen

photo by Lily

our roses

a canine guest

a pop up shop visit

snuggle cuddles with funny faces. photo by Lily

all the stuffed animals. photo by Lily

a lazy dog

our first peony

a wednesday dress rehearsal before a sunday dance recital

a morning with chihuly at the biltmore

reading all the books about greek mythology

an annual neighborhood party

a final ballet 3 dance recital

a visit to the grove park inn