a morning with Chihuly at the biltmore

when we first booked my mom’s plane ticket to come visit us, she was supposed to leave may 16th


then i found out that the chihuly exhibit at the biltmore would start may 17th and that Lily’s ballet recital was may 20th

all very important things that i wanted my mom to be part of

so we changed her departure to may 23rd and she was able to attend both events

while living in miami, i was fortunate to have seen two separate exhibits by Chihuly

both at the fairchild botanical gardens

both almost ten years apart

it was like nothing i had seen before

i became a big fan of his many years ago when i watched a documentary about Dale, his work and his team

seeing it in person at the fairchild blew my mind

both times

i love his work

but more than that, i love seeing his work mixed with the elements of nature

Chihuly at the biltmore was not my favorite exhibit

i much preferred both of his exhibits at the fairchild

i have no posts of either fairchild shows to share with you on here

the first fairchild exhibit was way before Will and Lily and the second, i took so many pictures, i was overwhelmed and never edited or got a post together

regardless, i am happy that his work is so close to our asheville home and that i get to visit it as often as i want until october when it gets taken away

i am also happy i got to share it with my mom