a carnival cruise. day four. our last day on the boat

by the time some of you read this, Lily and i will be on a plane or have landed already in a place far and much different from asheville


we will be starting our summer adventures which will go all the way through august

but before i become completely overwhelmed with summer break pictures, i wanted to share our last day on the cruise from our spring break adventure

if i have not said it yet, Lily and i had an amazing time on our four day cruise

and four days was the perfect time for me

i’m not sure how i would do on a longer cruise

i think i would start getting antsy

because it was our first cruise, before i packed, i reached out to the queen of cruises, our friend Drea

Drea had lots of good cruise advice

get a room with a balcony. check

bring something warm because it can get chilly at night or in the dining rooms. check

take advantage of kid camp. check

bring motion sickness medicine. check

bring lots of snacks onboard. check

i had a whole big bag packed with snacks in our room

oranges, mangoes, fruit bars, cookies….

we didn’t eat any of it

i must say that one of the things that far exceeded my expectations on board was the food

there was so much of it for everyone at every single time of the day

the fruit bar surprised me the most

fresh fruits like melon, watermelon, pineapple, mango, grapes, apples, strawberries…. fresh

all day, every day

there were no complaints

we had a great time and would totally do it again

while Lily still slept i enjoyed my delivered morning coffee on our balcony

every morning we checked what kind of free classes were being offered. on this particular morning, they were giving a towel animals class and Lily just had to go and learn how to make them

her elephant

her puppy

last day of this

all showered, dressed and ready for a last dinner and dive in movie on the deck

one last sunset

and a couple of hours of fun for me sans Lily while she was at night kid camp