around here

we’ve been busy


playa del carmen, west viginia, unpack, laundry, repack…

there will be a lot of that this summer and i am not complaining

in one week we will be going on our long summer adventure as a family and i cannot wait

we planned it so long ago and i cannot believe the time is finally here

we have all been looking forward to it for quite some time

so before life gets busy with far away summer adventures, i wanted to share some recent happenings

and despite the go-go-go pace, we have also had some slow lazy moments in between

i hope your summer break is going well and that you are having fun!

an end of the school year celebration

a festival in town

a selfie with friends

slow hammock mornings

an asheville pool party with school friends

traveling adventures to mexico

welcome to a very rainy and wet playa del carmen

west virginia


the face of period cramps and tired