playa del carmen mexico. day one

when i first started looking into a june getaway with Lily, i thought about california


because i always think about california

i also thought about going back to florida

and costa rica (it has been a while)

but then i kept seeing Drea‘s posts of playa del carmen and a light bulb went off

i checked flights (totally reasonable) and airbnbs (so many and so inexpensive)

so playa del carmen it was

it had been fourteen years since the first and last time i had been to playa and i had nothing but the best of memories from a short vacation there with friends when i was still a single girl

although we did not receive the warm and sunny welcome to playa like i had hoped, playa did not disappoint

it has grown a lot since the last time i had been there (what place hasn’t) but, despite all the rain, it was exactly what Lily and i needed to start off our summer adventures

a drizzly walk to check on the ocean

after spending the night in what was supposed to be our airbnb (here), we made some changes and finally made it to our home away from home for the following week. a more suitable change (here)

a rainy dip in the pool but had to be done

where our florida friends lived for a month

already over the rain but it would be days before it was over…

she met a friend who offered her a frida. also, we invested in umbrellas

i have pictures of me sitting on these steps with friends fourteen years ago

to be continued…