one last morning in miami and a night in st. petersburg

there are a lot of things i miss (and will continue to miss) about miami


the friends, the beach, the colors, the art, the architecture, the life, the city energy….

and the things i never liked, i will continue not to miss

the cockroaches, the heat/humidity….

Lily and i have returned to miami for the past three years for spring break

and i think most of you know that i would move back

Will doesn’t want to though

so there’s that

anyway, on this particular morning, Lily and i had gotten off our carnival cruise and because we were picking up our car at a friend’s house, we decided to walk around our old hood and visit friends one more time before getting in the car to drive to st. petersburg for the night

it all seems like forever ago already

especially since we were just in mexico, west virginia and are back home now

for a few days anyway

happy friday friends!

it is friday right?

mandolin. i miss their delicious food. and living around the corner next to their veggie garden

a walk through the design district. we wished we had seen our DD

the coolest parking garage i have ever seen. just a few blocks away from where we used to live

a visit to our dearest friend’s vag gallery

after a lot of traffic, we finally made it to st. petersburg and spent the night at auntie K’s new place

a morning selfie before we left