playa del carmen mexico. day two

well friends, our bags are basically packed and we will be leaving this afternoon on our big family vacation that was planned almost half a year ago


i cannot believe the time is finally here

but before we get to our final destination, we have two layovers and won’t get there until tomorrow afternoon

so fingers crossed and send all the safe traveling juju our way because you guys all know by now that i am not a flyer (to put it mildly)

while in west virginia i had some time to go through and edit our pictures from playa del carmen (needless to say that after eight days there were many regardless of the pouring rain)

and was able to draft several posts

so here is our second day in playa

yet another wet one but fun nonetheless

breakfast on the balcony

taking rescue from the rain

running into tequila

and amazing murals

finally at our brunch destination. la cueva del chango. it became a favorite

when you want to bring home all the hammocks and all the outdoor furniture

trespassing all the private courtyards

to find hidden treasures

taking rescue from the rain with a bunch of fish at the aquarium

the jellyfish room was the most impressive

a mid day rest (and beer) at home to dry up and take a break from the rain

give me all the bright painted walls

and tiny beach bungalows

standing in the sunshine i wished had been shining on us

yet another happy and successful day of walking in the pouring rain

to be continued…