playa del carmen mexico. day three and four

another mexico post, another colorful painted wall


posting a playa del carmen mexico post from sevilla spain

both spanish speaking but yet so different from one another

we’ve been in spain for two weeks now and to tell you the truth it feels like much longer

not in a bad way

perhaps it feels that way because days here are so much longer

it doesn’t start getting dark until after 10pm

which is when we have found ourselves eating dinner many times (slightly crazy for us early dinner folk)

we are now in our third location and loving every exciting and exhausting second of every day

just like Lily and i did in mexico

even in the pouring rain

hope you are all having a great summer so far!

day three. morning reading

a visit to the ocean

walking through all the private yards. in the pouring rain

on the way out to dinner

day four. on the way to breakfast

we became slightly obsessed with the acai bowls at fresco habito

all the green

and all the painted walls. so much love for both

Lily asked for braids since the first day in playa. we waited a few days and finally went back to the woman we had both liked all the way up on quinta avenida

when she asks me to take her picture

when i want to trespass

and then the rain lit up a bit and we finally went on a walk on the beach where i found the bar with swings where i also have a picture of me fourteen years ago

Lily was so truly happy at this moment. no more rain, toes in the sand, butt on a swing….

i think this is my favorite picture of Lily from our trip to playa. everything about her face and eyes exudes true happiness in this shot

there were also a few hard life lessons taught on our trip

a friend. Cristian, age five. he spoke no english and she spoke no spanish. but together they built a sand mermaid and played on the beach for two hours

to be continued…