playa del carmen mexico. day five

well friends, after twenty six days away and four homes in four different cities in the south of spain, as of late last night, we are back home in asheville


it was a long journey back (twenty two hours) but we made it

i have a lot (gazillions) of pictures to go through before the spain posts start showing up here

there is a lot to take in from the adventure we were just on

yet, there are still so many pictures to share from mine and Lily’s trip to playa del carmen

a trip that feels forever ago now

so before i ramble on with my head in a jetlagged fog state of mind, here is a little more from our trip to mexico

after five straight days of non stop pouring rain, our playa del carmen vacation finally started looking like i had hoped it would when i booked it

have a happy weekend friends!

when we woke up in the morning, it was still raining

but by the time we got ourselves ready for breakfast, it was clearing up. also, it’s very important to have a photo shoot in front of your spirit wall

once we were done with breakfast, it seemed like the sun was finally coming out. so we took a walk and checked on the beach situation

we headed back home and finally had some real pool time

after some much needed pool time we headed to the market where we picked up some fresh produce and lunch

and after the market and lunch we finally got some much needed beach time

where Lily made friends with english speaking Karen who was visiting from san francisco. they played for hours….

and i finally got some quiet and Lily free time

they found a seaslug. it was released back to the ocean

we finally got a real vacation day. the kind we went to playa del carmen for

to be continued…