almayte, spain

let me just begin this post by saying that i cannot believe this day was already over a month ago but, what a wonderful way to start our summer adventures in spain


why spain?

we wanted to explore somewhere different but also wanted an easy driving destination for my brother and his family who live in portugal

i also wanted beach

although familiar with spain from growing up in portugal, i was not familiar with its costa del sol (it’s breathtaking btw)

after some researching, we settled on malaga

it has its own international airport, beaches and it’s only a five hour car ride from portugal

almayte (just a little east of malaga) was our first and longest airbnb stay

i chose this sort of mountain home with a pool (and nearby beaches) first because i wanted a slow paced open space for all of us to reconnect (it had been two years since we had seen each other)

i don’t think i’m alone when i say that it was the perfect place to begin our journey

we ventured out a bit but mostly we had easy paced family pool days with home cooked meals (and lots of cocktails)

i have a lot more pictures, posts and words to share about our time in spain but i think that our very first full day there is a good place to start

hope you are all having a great week so far

nothing better than waking up to flowers and the ocean. i miss these views!

sleepy morning faces. first morning together

pool time! the first of many

this beautiful little face. my new nephew

the views though….

lunch in the making

just as beautiful at dusk