nerja, spain (and a pool day in almayte)

after stopping in nerja on the way home from frigiliana (previous post), we decided to go back the following day and get some beach time


it was our first time swimming in the mediterranean sea and really, there is no going back now

after swimming in the atlantic and in the pacific, i can honestly say that the mediterranean sea is my fave and where it’s at

not everyone was thrilled about a rocky beach (sort of rough on the feet) but i didn’t mind one bit

i actually really loved the texture and all the different kinds of ocean treasures it provided for us

although it was july, it was not crowded

maybe because it was a week day

the water was clean and beautiful and we all swam in it

can’t believe it was over a month ago already and that school starts again in less than a week….

the following day we decided to have yet another pool day at home filled with blue skies and stunning views