playa la caleta de maro, spain

today is our last day of summer break


we have the weekend and then on monday, Lily will start third grade

we had the most wonderful summer

but i am not going to lie, i wish we could start at the beginning again and i really wish i was at some beach instead of in asheville

preferably at playa la caleta de maro

we didn’t know what we were in for or what we would find when we headed there

we saw a tiny picture of it in the referral book at our almayte airbnb and decided to be adventurous and go

it was a long hike down (and then back up) through sugarcane plantations but the breathtaking views were all worth it

and once we finally made it down, it was the most picturesque beach filled with the most eclectic mix of people

children, young people, old people, tourists, locals, nudists….

everybody enjoying themselves in the same space

free to be, minding their own business, free of judgement

in the most beautiful and peaceful setting

i am a little in denial that summer break is over

i really didn’t want tit to end

happy weekend friends

old sugarcane factory


haha nora the dog photobombed my picture

the heart wants what it wants

back home with my tiny homie to take in the most amazing views one last night

until next time almayte. thank you