around here

this past tuesday i went on a job interview


after almost nine years of being a full time/stay at home mom and after having worked for almost six years for the same company prior to giving birth to Lily, it was my first interview in fifteen years

despite feeling a bit nervous right before going in, the interview went quite well

two days after, i received a call and was offered the full time retail sales position

which i happily (and nervously) accepted

change is in the air my friends

big change

i will write more about it soon

i promise

until then, have a great weekend!

a pink rainbow

first day of summer camp back in august

a project runway inspired outfit

first day of sewing camp. also back in august

first day of third grade

another rainbow

a fun day at the pool with friends during labor day weekend

they became friends when they met in kindergarten class and were together in first and second grade also. this year they go to different schools but at least they still live close to one another

it’s not halloween but the future is female

labor day at our old neighborhood

got herself all sorts of dressed up for picture day at school