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first one in almost nine years (since i had Lily) and i start this sunday

full time means i will no longer be picking Lily up from school or spending the afternoons with her every day like i have been doing

i am trying to stay positive and believe in the fact that change is good and filled with growth

but the truth is i am already missing school pick ups, our car talks about how school went, afternoon ice cream dates and have things be the way they have been

but according to some, the way things have been, hasn’t been healthy (i don’t know if healthy is the word i am looking for here but it’s early and i have not had enough coffee)

so i was encouraged to make a change

up until now the happy i have found in asheville, has not been measured by my own happiness in asheville (if that makes any sense)

my happiness here has mostly been measured by how happy Lily and William are here

sure i find moments of happiness in asheville

but in a whole, i don’t care much for it here

so maybe this job will help me find my own piece of happiness here in this mountain town

separate from Lily and William

it will certainly be a big change for me

and for our family

and sometimes as much as i crave change, i am not always good with it

so wish me luck

happy friday friends!

my blue girl

a beautiful sky

Lily at her first concert. first aid kit

a saturday at the fair

a spider web

and another

and another. so many

late summer/early autumn light