a saturday at the fair

it was our third year going to the wnc fair


i may not be a rides person but, i do enjoy going to the fair

mostly for the funnel cakes

Lily on the other hand loves going on every scary ride there is

which she did this year because she is that much older and taller than last year

some rides were so scary to me that i could hardly even watch

what can i say, she’s a little badass that way (and she doesn’t get it from me)

 i put in my first full week at work and all went well

it was strange not picking Lily up from school and not having my regular afternoon routine but not necessarily in a bad way

just in a new way

there is still lots to take in at work and getting used to this new way of life but things are going quite smoothly

both at home and at work

and for that, i am thankful

happy weekend friends!

Lily and her asheville bestie B. second year doing the fair together

there they are. third row from the top

i go to the fair for the funnel cakes

her very first candy apple. it was a hit

her second rodeo