around here

it is 8:30pm on a thursday night and i am in bed already


this is kind of the new norm for me

after a full day’s work, dinner and kissing Lily good night, i am not far behind her

it’s been getting dark out early anyway

and cold (and raining at the moment)

fall this year has been more like winter with the exception of a few days

anyway, how is work you ask?

work itself is good

it’s a small store with beautiful handmade jewelry, my co-worker is nice, customers are nice…. it’s good

it’s the change in my every day routine that has added extra stress and less tine for anything

grocery shopping takes extra planning, meal planning takes extra planning, laundry gets done at night instead of during the day, i don’t see Lily nearly as much as i used to or as much as i’d like to….

work itself is easy

but being at work instead of doing everything else is challenging

i made a commitment until the holidays so i am sticking with it

the holidays are right around the corner anyway

and so is a new year

happy friday friends!

some front yard pretties in the beginning of october


van gogh by Lily

reading nook

a blurry night out to celebrate this guy

finally into harry potter

she entered an art show. she didn’t win a prize. but she won experience

shine bright like a diamond

we barely hung up halloween decorations this year. we didn’t even get pumpkins

i voted for change

a doctor’s visit to check on strep throat that thankfully turned out to be negative

artemis the goddess of hunting

we went trick or treating around our neighborhood and then met up with friends in our old hood