a 9th birthday dance party

this year, inspired by lady miss kier and deee-lite, Lily requested a dance party for her birthday


a dance party

i reached out to a friend of ours who is a dj and he committed

finding a place was quite the challenge this year though

i called so many local places

the moment i said dj, they said no

for over a month i called places and thought about other possibilities

i was/am working full time and was becoming quite stressed with the fact that Lily’s birthday was approaching and we still didn’t have a venue or anything else planned

other than the dj

i decided to contact the owner of a local pizza place near our house despite having called weeks prior and been told no

he said yes

finally we had a place

we invited 24 kids and parents were welcomed and encouraged to stay

dressing up was also welcomed and encouraged

there was pizza, chocolate, fountain sodas, beer and wine

kids and parents danced for three hours to deee-lite, madonna, prince, mc hammer and the like from the 80’s and the 90’s

“best party ever” Lily said

best party ever indeed

happy friday friends