around here. snow daze

it snowed all of saturday and sunday


which made for no school monday, tuesday and wednesday (along with a three hour delay on thursday)

although frustrating, the break from the every day school routine was much needed and welcomed

especially this nutcracker week (Lily performed last night and will perform again tonight)

i was off work both sunday and monday and took advantage of the snow days to stay in and unpack and put away the rest of the boxes that were still lining up the floor

it feels good to finally have no boxes around, have everything in place, have art on the walls and have our christmas tree up

we are slowly settling back in however, it still feels slightly surreal that we are back in our old brick home

happy friday friends!

dressing our christmas tree

sunday morning

they were out playing in the snow all day

i played inside all day. both days

a check in break


in her work space

a corner in Lily’s bedroom

a curated wall in our bedroom

in the guest bedroom

dreaming of that clara nutcracker role….