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Mine and Will’s first night out without Lily

Saturday night Will and I had our first night out without Lily.

We were invited to our friend Juan’s birthday party that started at 8:30p.m.. We thought about bringing Lily but decided to ask uncle Darren if he would babysit instead (he has been eager to do so). Not only would it end up being past Lily’s bed time but also, we needed some Will and Claudia time.

Before we left, we bathed, fed and put a very tired Lily in bed. When uncle Darren arrived, we slipped out the door.

On the way down in the elevator, Will and I both looked at each other and let out a long breath. Ok, here we were, out for the first time alone  since Lily had been born.

It felt a bit strange and like we were missing something while we walked over to the restaurant but, soon after getting there and ordering the first drink, all was good.

We checked with uncle Darren via text every now and again and all was good at home with him and Lily as well. She had only gotten fussy in her sleep once and uncle Darren had it all under control with a little back rub and humming.

It was a fun night out and even though both Will and I missed Lily, it felt great to be out on a date! 😉

Here are Will and I with our friends out on saturday night.

Must have of the day

Although Lily is still too little to appreciate Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny, these Robbit Plushies (LOVE the clever name) on I Love To Create Blog that we  found through We Love Indie are a great future project for Lily and daddy Will.

Will loves robots and I’m sure Lily will love rabbits. A daddy and  Lily Easter project? A “Must”!

Happy Easter!

We have had a wonderful family weekend so far.

Great day at the beach yesterday even though it was more crowded than usual due to the holiday and Spring break.

We put Lily in her Kushies swim diaper and she was in the water more than before. She looked so cute and loved sitting along the shore watching the waves roll in.

There were Portuguese men o’ war (jelly fish) everywhere so we had to be careful because they were washing up right by where Lily was sitting.

We must have tired Lily like never before because she slept for 12 hours straight from 7p.m. until 7a.m. this morning.

Today we are having a lazy Easter sunday.

We woke up late, Lily went for a short bike ride with daddy Will on the Bjorn and we had a wonderful brunch on the balcony.

Lily is now taking her first nap of the day and when she wakes, we will be going to the park.


Here we are on the beach yesterday in our beach Easter bonnets. 😉 (Lily wears a romper by Old Navy and hat by Zutano). Lily sitting waterside wearing her Kushies and Zutano hat. A Portuguese man o’war. And a happy sunshine Lily! And today bike riding with daddy Will wearing her Old Navy pajamas and sitting pretty on the couch wearing her Easter dress by OldNavy.

Things we LOVE!

Going for walks and looking at all the beautiful nature that’s around us.

Even though we live in Miami, we can tell it is Spring.

There are SO many beautiful flowers around.

And….we LOVE flowers!!!  🙂

Here are some of the flowers Lily and I saw on the way to the park yesterday.

And remember,  April showers bring even more May flowers. We can’t wait!


Yesterday we gave Lily broccoli for the first time, and let me tell you, she is NOT a fan! LOL

I felt it was important to start giving her some green vegetables since she was eating mostly all orange vegetables. Sweet potatoes,carrots, butternut squash… all orange. I was afraid she would soon turn orange.

Will steamed the broccoli and then pureed it. It didn’t look, smell or taste appetizing at all. We shall see we thought.

When it was time for Lily’s lunch yesterday, I set her up on the balcony like usual and fed her the first spoonful. Oh boy…the face!  It was not a happy face at all. LOL

She kept it in her mouth and wouldn’t even swallow for a while.

I wouldn’t want to eat it I thought to myself. So why would I feed it to her and expect her to?

I took the broccoli back into the kitchen and mixed it with carrots. Success!!!

She ate the whole thing. She loves her carrots. Why would she not? They are sweet and yummy!

And because I felt bad for feeding her that awful broccoli on its own, I surprised her with a bit of mashed up ripe mango. I have  never seen her lick herself the way she did after each spoonful. Her tongue was all the way to her chin!

Yay! Broccoli and mango now part of Lily’s menu. 🙂

Here is a suspicious Lily sitting in her chair waiting for me to feed her lunch wearing a romper by Old Navy and a bib that was a gift. And a not so convinced Lily after the first spoonful of broccoli. Adventure begins here? Oh boy did it ever! 😉

Things we LOVE!


We LOVE and miss our families very much ALL the time.

So please….come visit!

Here are some more wonderful family moments.

Avo Carmo with Lily (Lily wears a bodysuit by The Children’s Place). 3 generations, my mom, me and Lily the day my mom left to go back to Portugal, many tears that day (Lily wears a jumpsuit that was gift from avo Hayes and aunt Sarah). Avo John with Lily in WV (Lily wears a bodysuit by Old Navy and pants by babyGap). Avo Hayes with Lily in WV (Lily wears her Lucky Finn bodysuit and knitted dress, both gifts). A quiet moment with aunt Sarah and a napping Lily in WV (Lily wears a jumpsuit by babyGap).