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Distance. It makes my heart ache, not grow fonder

When I was younger, I was constantly moving and the further away from family, the better. Since I’ve gotten older however, I want to be closer to them.

My family lives in Portugal. That is in Europe next to Spain, not in South America next to Brazil. (I know most of you know this but, it is an inside joke. Ha Ha.)

We usually visit every year in May. It is a wonderful time of the year to go visit. It’s warm enough but still a bit chilly for the beach and for all the tourism. Forget about going to Europe any time between June through August.

When Will and I were in Portugal last May, we were 4 months pregnant. We surprised my parents and brother with the happy news at the airport. We had 2 wonderful weeks there like we always do and I dreamed about going back this May with a 6 month old baby. We didn’t find out it was going to be a Lily until we came back from our visit.

Well, we won’t be going this May and even though we will be going in September (just as great of a month to visit), it is breaking my heart.

By September Lily will be 10 months old. Just 2 months short of a year (tears and more tears) and it will be the first time that my dad and my brother as well as the rest of the family will be meeting Lily. (more tears) Never mind our cousin Ana who has become Lily’s #1 fan!

I don’t know why but 6 months seemed more comforting than 10 months.

It was wonderful having my mom here for a month but, Lily was only around for 2 of those weeks so it’s almost like they haven’t met yet.

Living in Miami we are far from both sides of the family. Mine that is in Portugal and Will’s that is in West Virginia. Now that we have Lily, it is so much harder to be so far away than it ever was before.

These days I long for family. I remember being a child and my most cherished memories are of being around family. I want the same for Lily. It’s important for both Will and I to raise her amongst grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

I don’t however want to discredit how lucky we are to have wonderful friends near us who are a big part of Lily’s life. From the beginning might I add. They were there minutes after Lily was born.

So, for the meanwhile I just dream about the day we will introduce Lily to my parents, their first grandchild. And maybe another month in West Virginia? Or at least a visit from West Virginia? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (wiping tears)

Here are some wonderful cherished moments with family that I miss.

Will and Iร‚ย  in Portugal with my parents and brother in May 2009. My mom, me and Hayes with my favorite tree (Lily was born 6 days later). The day Lily was born,ร‚ย  me, Will, Lily and avos Carmo and Hayes. Avo Hayes and avo John with Lily at home the day she was born. (Lily wears a jumpsuit and hat by babyGap,wrapped in a whynottsewn blanket). My mom with Lily (Lily wears a bodysuit that was a gift and Old Navy pants). Lily dancing with aunt Sarah in West Virginia (Lily wears a tunic by babyGap and pants by The Children’s Place). Will, Lily, uncle Jud and cousin Adelaide (Lily wears a dress by babyGap, tights and booties by Zutano). Lily with aunt Desiree

Things we LOVE!

Watching Lily grow! (tears…..)

It’s amazing going back to look at pictures of Lily from 2 months and even a month ago and seeing the differences in Lily.

It’s joyful and sad all at once.

Here is Lily in January wearing an outfit given to her by uncle Ricky and Anabela. In February wearing pajamas by Old Navy. And in March (yesterday) wearing a bodysuit by babyGap and swing top by Zutano.

Must have of the day

Oh Stella, Stella why do you do this to me!!????

Stella McCartney, one of my favorite female designers is at it again! Gap just released her new Spring/Summer kids and baby line and I am drooooooling!

The Fall/Winter line was pretty genius but Spring/Summer is to die for! It’s a “Must”! Everything!

Now if she would only do a line for women for the same prices…..I would probably even cry about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some of our faves.

Cry baby

Before and while I was pregnant with Lily, I would ever so often watch the show Birth Day on TLC. I found that it really helped me get ready (if there ever is such a thing) to give birth.

Not only did it make it easy for me to decide to go with a midwife at a birthing center instead of an obgyn at a hospital but it also showed all of the best and worst scenarios that could happen. I would watch show after show with no problem.

WELL, no more!

I can’t watch a birth without crying my eyes out! LOL

As these women are pushing and pushing, my eyes fill up with tears (tears of joy of course). Once that baby is out, so are my tears.

I cry every time. If Lily is around (most of the time she’s napping when I watch), I grab her, and hug and kiss her while I cry my eyes out with tears of joy. (Poor Lily!)

Just yesterday when she and I were playing and snuggling on the bed, my eyes startedร‚ย  filling up with tears and I almost started crying.

It’s official, I’ve become a crier…..

Here we are having mother-daughter quiet time. Lily wears a bodysuit by babyGap and swing top by Zutano. (Now don’t you cry!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Things we LOVE!

We LOVE the Matthew Williamson for H&M tapestry we bought at H&M in Lisbon last year when we went to Portugal.

I was almost 5 months pregnant with Lily then but when I saw it, I fell in love with its colors and print. I thought about how perfect it would be for a baby to have at the beach.

Well, little did I know that it has become just that. Perfect!

It’s light enough that it folds into almost nothing so it has become a permanent item in the diaper bag. We open it up and enjoy it just about anywhere. At the park, beach, backyards…LOVE it!

Here are some of the wonderful moments we have had on our Matthew Williamson for H&M tapestry.


Our little weekend getaway

We had a wonderful time visiting our friends Eric and Nicole this weekend.

It was 9a.m. on saturday when we left Miami. We had initially planned for 8a.m. but, one hour late is not bad these days. We packed small bags for all of us and some of Lily’s favorite toys and food and we hit the road.

The car ride was smooth, Lily didn’t even have any of her “runny” accidents. In the past she has made it a tradition to have an accident right as soon as we got on the road. But then again, she has been eating solids so her poop is now solid. (TMI?)

Lily has gotten quite used to the car seat. I think she would be even better if we drove more, but it is not that often that we ride in the car.

Feeding Lily during car trips has also gotten much easier since all we have to do now is get the packed food from the bag and feed her. No more crazy breast feeding moves in the car or stops.

Once we arrived in Bradenton, we checked into our hotel and then it was off to see Eric and Nicole. They are expecting their first baby. Nicole looks great!

Soon after we arrived, we all went over to De Soto Park where we walked along the water surrounded by nature. It felt good to be out of the car and breathing the ocean air.

Once back at the house, (more…)