ARTsy wednesday

Lily at play

all this girl wants to do lately is play
even when i get the crayons and coloring pencils out for her to color, she plays with them like they are toys
when i ask her if she wants to paint, she says “no. i want to play”
can’t force inspiration so for this ARTsy wednesday, here are two small videos of Lily playing
hope you enjoy them
happy ARTsy/play wednesday!

some recent flicks

last night. beautiful movie starring the beautiful and talented Keira Knightley, testing the emotional vs physical cheating in a relationship. oh, and amazing apartments and wardrobe. and people

all good things. based on a true story, this thriller starring Ryan Gosling actually had me hating and fearing him. hard to do



painting magic

i’m not sure what this art exercise is called but i loved it as a kid (still do) and when i introduced it to Lily, she loved it too

there is nothing to it really, drop some paint dots on the paper, fold the paper, press down gently and then open the paper and….


you never really know what you are going to get and no one is alike

kind of like painting magic, no?

happy ARTsy wednesday!