ARTsy wednesday

Art overload

Happy monday everyone!

Well, Art Basel ended yesterday and it went as fast as it came.

Every year I get so excited and anxious for this time of year and then run around like crazy trying to see as much art and go to as many events as I can and it’s just exhausting and it gets to be… art overload.

This year I missed the previous years when there was a lot more art on the beach. At hotels, in the containers… there used to be a lot more art on the beach.

It was more about the Design District, Wynwood and Midtown this year and with all the traffic, it was hard getting around.

Nonetheless, I did see a lot of wonderful art (and some bad like the video installations at the New World Symphony but at least the fatboy cushions were awesome and the company even better) and it just amazes me how there are so many talented people in this world.

I hope you enjoyed Basel week here and as I promised yesterday, here is an art overload picture post.

Now that Basel is gone, I can focus on home things again. This week will be for Christmas shopping, organizing, doing laundry and cleaning because we will be flying out to the mountains of West Virginia next thursday.

Can you all believe Christmas is 20 days away? I can’t!!


Basel time!

Are you all ready for Basel week? Good, cause it’s here and thanks to uncle D who will be watching Lily on some nights and thanks to Will, I am planning on being one busy Baselite!

Alex and I sort of started things off here. Tuesday night and last night Kristin and I went around the beach in search of awesome art.

Tuesday night we loved the 1111 building all lit up in Ferrari red and we paid a visit to our favorite Lincoln Rd artists who happen to both be women.

Last night we were a bit disappointed as we walked in and out of hotels who in the previous years had tons of new art to exhibit. Not so last night. Looks like Basel is getting farther and farther away from the beach.

Tonight we will be going off the beach for some more art and a concert!

I will try my best to give you the whole Basel report so, sit back and enjoy some art and Art Basel in Miami!

1111 in ferrari red

K’s fave


Painted leaves

Yesterday on a little walk to the bodega, Lily and I picked up some leaves from the ground.

A few days ago, I had thought that it would be fun to paint leaves and see their prints on paper.

Well…. I was right, it was fun!

Lily had a great time picking out all the different colors, she enjoyed painting the leaves but, most of all, she really liked seeing their print on the paper.

If you enjoy doing fun art projects with your little one, you should try painting some leaves. It’s a good way to teach them colors and introduce them to different textures. 🙂


Balance, a drawing challenge

Balance has been quite the theme around here.

It is definitely something that I am working on within myself, my marriage, motherhood and life.

There has been however not enough balance in my life for me to find time to draw and paint but, it’s something that I am working on.

So, in the mean time, here is a picture of an unfinished work that I plan on targeting as soon as possible and a picture of me doing my balance act.

Linking up to Ariane and Elizabeth.


Everyday life, a challenge

Linking to Rachel and Elizabeth with this week’s drawing challenge, “Everyday life”.

I must tell you that today is a gloomy day.

Not outside or weather wise but within me.

Sometimes with motherhood and in marriage my greatest challenge is to still be able to find a great sense of self.

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel like myself and I seem to have forgotten a great deal of myself, who I am and who I used to be.

But, all must be put aside because there are Elmos, Ernies and Abbies to be drawn and mommy and Lily hands to be traced.

And, I know all too well that these feelings come and go therefore tomorrow will be yet again another sunny day.

Love, a drawing challenge

I am joining Rachel at Hi Happy Panda with her weekly drawing challenges to not only make me motivated to draw more but, to also give me an opportunity to visit some of my old art work.

Since I decided to join late in the week I am entering an older drawing due to the lack of time to produce a new one.

This drawing was done in January of 2007 on paper with a color pencil.

Sometimes with LOVE comes heart ache and after a few years of being divorced from a previous marriage, I was finally ready to “Let it go”.

I based this drawing on a black and white photo that my friend Jackie took of me at her apartment in NYC back in 1994-95.

I think it’s by far one of my favorite self portraits.



Stamp fun

I used to collect stamps.

Not the kind you put on letters but the kind you use stamp ink with.

The other afternoon I decided to let Lily give them a try.

To my surprise, the stamp ink pads were not dry even though I have had them for over a decade. (yeah!)

Lily loved using the stamps and the ink pads.

The only bad thing is that she had ink stains on her skin for days because the ink is not washable.

Oh well!



Art in the park

It had been a while since Lily had a painting session with friends.

So, I got my mommy friends and their kiddos together and we had a lovely morning at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. 🙂

P.S. Let me know if you notice any difference in my pictures. Will surprised me with a Nikon 3100 (thanks Will and thanks tax return!). I’m still learning how to use it but having tons of fun while doing so.