ARTsy wednesday

ARTsy wednesday

Two saturdays ago we did the ART walk in the design district and had a great time!

There were tons of people out, live music on the streets, lots (and I mean LOTS) of amazing art everywhere, it was a wonderful evening spent with Will, Lily and uncle Darren.

At one of the galleries, I was introduced to Charles Pfahl‘s work.

Charles‘s art is not typically something that I would be attracted to (I tend to like pretty art, the world can be an ugly place as is) however, days after seeing his works, I still couldn’t get it out of my head. (that’s what good art is supposed to do, right?)

His painting Archetype still haunts me.

As an artist I envied its size, its detail, its muted colors.

As a mother, I was not emotionally prepared to stand before it. I literally shed tears as I stood there.

It’s not every day that art affects me like that.

archetype (please click on the link, my picture does it no justice)

All those heavy feelings just came back to me all over again.

Let me bring it back to the light and fun side with some pictures from that night.

Lily, Will, me and uncle Darren at Swamp Space


ARTsy wednesday

Hello……it’s ARTsy wednesday!

Does nobody else get as excited about this ARTsy day as much as I do? (I only heard from one of you on last week’s post)

Today’s artist is another favorite of mine (is it starting to sound like I have many favorites?): AMADEO MODIGLIANI (he has always been my artist crush.)

Amadeo Modigliani (can you say foxy?)

Just like some other of my favorite painters, Modigliani has inspired me in my own work.



ARTsy wednesday

Today for ARTsy wednesday I would like to know what artist inspires you?

Do you have a particular piece of art that moves you the most?

Who and what moves you?

With that, my favorite artist is Gustav Klimt.

I love his work because to me, it is both traditional and modern.

I love the way he draws the female form.

I love his colors.

I have always been a big fan of this particular work of his.

Three ages of woman


ARTsy wednesday

I have been craving ART. (I think I have said that before….)

And I have also wanted to start introducing Lily to more art. So, I have decided to make wednesdays “ARTsy wednesday”.

Since I have tons of art books that have been quite neglected for some time now, every wednesday, either Lily or I will go to the book shelf and randomly pick a book.

By randomly choosing an artist I hope to refresh my memory and introduce Lily (and maybe you as well) to people I consider masters of the arts, wonderful master pieces and maybe some facts about both the artist and the piece as well.

We will start today and see where it will take us.

Today’s artist is  PABLO PICASSO!

Pablo Picasso

Lily picking the book