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3 in 1

Lily had another visit with Dr. Salinas (her pediatrician) today.

The office moved into a new building and it is sooo much nicer than the one before! Everything is light and bright with lots of new design.

Like always the visit starts with Lily getting weighed and measured.

As of today, Lily weighs 17lbs and 02oz and measures 27″!

While we waited for Dr. Salinas to come do a quick check up on Lily, we played with the fun new mirror and plastic blue dog in the new room.

Dr. Salinas checked over a healthy Lily πŸ™‚ and let us know that there were only 3 shots left for her to have in this second round of shots. What to do?????


Busy Lily

Yesterday ended up being quite the busy day!

I decided at 9:20a.m. (Lily’s usual morning nap time) to grab Lily and take her over to the Miami Beach Library for story telling time.

There we met up with our friends Sara and Sam and sat in a circle amongst lots of other boys, girls and mommies.

We heard stories and sang songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Lily was SO good! She is so happy around other kids. We will definitely have to do it again.

After story time at the Library we came home and Lily had lunch on the balcony. It was such a lovely day!

At 1p.m. we were back out to meet uncle Michael for lunch on Lincoln Rd.. Even though Lily had just had lunch, she ate some yummy sweet potato off my plate.

It was definitely nap time once lunch was over. Lily was getting quite cranky from not having her morning nap. She fell asleep as soon as we got home.

After a much needed nap and some more yummy food, we went to the park where we met up with Claudia and Sofia (Lily’s bff).

The park is one of Lily’s favorite places nowadays and with a buddy like Sofia to play with, it’s even more fun.  She has gotten quite used to the whole routine and she just loves it. She has even cried a few times as we were getting ready to leave.  (Yes, already!)

It was a busy and fun tuesday!

Here is Lily yesterday at The Miami Beach Library on the mat and with our friend Sara. And later at the park with Sofia on the swings. Lily wears pants by babyGap that were a gift from avo Hayes and aunt Sarah and top by Old Navy.

Even less hair than before

My hair continues to fall out at a rapid speed! I have almost no hair left. (I’m not being dramatic ;))

Some of it is growing back however, it just looks funny right now.

I never wear it down anymore. Not only because it has no life but also because hairs just fall off all day long if I don’t pull it back.

There is nothing worst than hair falling on Lily when I’m changing her diaper,  putting lotion on her or dressing her. It drives me crazy!

SO, I’m thinking about getting my hair cut off. YUP, ALL of it.

It’s been years, decades maybe since I have had very short hair but I think it’s time.

I’ve been needing a change. Feeling like I somehow outgrew the pre-pregnant Claudia, in the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about a self rebirth.

When I saw a picture of Nina Clemente in the new Vanity Fair, I thought “WOW”! That’s it. That is the woman I see. Sharp, sophisticated, artsy, edgy but yet still effortless and simple.

I don’t want to rush into anything so I have to think a bit more on this. Short hair is a big commitment. There are more frequent trips to the hair dresser in order to keep it short without looking sloppy and if I change my mind,  it will take a looooooong time to grow back with many bad hair styles in between (trust me I’ve been there before).

In the meanwhile here is a picture of Nina Clemente.  Doesn’t she look sharp? And me in the early 90’s with some  of my short hair dos. (where were my eyebrows!!????)


Rainy monday

It seems that I’m one of the few here in Miami who truly appreciates a gloomy and rainy day every once in a while. And if it’s a gloomy and rainy monday morning even better!

Rainy days always make me feel nostalgic of my childhood in Portugal, walking to school holding my mother’s hand with one hand and an umbrella with the other while wearing a rain coat.

Come to think of it, rainy days make me miss my mom. (But then again, ever since I became a mom, I miss my mom more than ever before.)

On rainy days after school I would play with my dolls in the laundry/play room with its green shag rug (it was the 70’s) and when my mom would start cooking dinner, she would have me in the kitchen helping her. She would give me my own vegetables to wash, peel and cut.

Lily is far too little to remember any rainy days we have right now but I look forward to arts and craft projects that one day she can reflect back on and hopefully remember me on a rainy day. (Oh boy….tears!) πŸ™‚

Here’s to mother and daughter rainy days.

Below, my mom with me when I was a baby (sorry, no pictures of rainy days walking in a raincoat) and Lily and I playing on our bed on a rainy day. Lily wears polka dot shirt by babyGap.


Spring bloom

Yesterday morning we took Lily downstairs to check out all the pretty flowers that had bloomed.

Even though it’s a small yard that we have in the back of our building, there are so many pretty flowers there this time of the year.

Lily was of course appreciating the flowers by trying to rip them off their stems and stick them in her mouth. πŸ˜‰

It was a wonderful easy morning spent amongst pretty flowers and under another clear blue sky.

Today is a lazy gloomy sunday so far but we are having fun with Lily on her play mat so we are not complaining.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Here is Lily yesterday wearing a bodysuit by babyGap checking the flowers.

Finding friends

It’s been quite a struggle to find friends at the playground. All the kids who usually go are much older than Lily.

Until 3 days ago when this mommy brought her baby girl to play and to see if they too could find friends.

They slowly approached Lily and I and the mommy asked how old Lily was. She was so happy to see another baby close to her 4 month old Sofia at the park. And so was I!

Lily took so Sofia right away, reaching to touch Sofia’s arms, ears and head. It was so cute!

Claudia (what are the chances of the other mommy’s name being Claudia as well) and I hit it off also (it’s important) so we exchanged numbers.

Up until now it’s been just mostly Lily and I all day long by ourselves. I’m aware of the free program that the public library has where they sing and have story time but it takes place on mondays at 10a.m.. Lily is usually taking her morning nap at that time so we have not made it there yet.

I have some mommy friends who live here in Miami but they either have older babies or younger babies. I wish my Holly lived here. Lily and I would have so much fun with her and Spike…. (day dreaming)

Lily had her first play date with Sofia yesterday. On the way to the park, I text-ed Claudia (they live right next to the park, how perfect) and she and Sofia were able to meet Lily and I there.

I  put our tapestry down on the grass and the girls were able to really see and reach for one another. They were such sweeties! It was so nice to see Lily interact with another baby.

I can’t wait for the next play date! (possibly today in the afternoon)

P.S.- On the way down Lincoln Rd last night, we met another mommy with an 11 month old Luca. The mommy’s name? Claudia! What are the chances!? 2 mommies in 1 week both named Claudia. Weird!

Here are Lily and Sofia at the park yesterday. Aren’t they sweet??? πŸ™‚ Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.

Food update

Lily has quite the full menu going on these days.

Yesterday since it was her 5 month birthday, she had a special lunch. Broiled tilapia with sweet potato and broccoli all mashed up into a yummy mush. She loved it!

I also felt good because it was like she was getting a full meal all in one bowl. I mean, I eat broiled tilapia with sweet potato and broccoli!

For dessert, I bought her some organic whole milk plain yogurt and mixed it with some mashed up mango. She ate it all!

And for dinner, mashed up carrots mixed with broccoli and broiled tilapia.

During the week we also tried peas, a big success and zucchini….not such a big success on its own but went down well mixed with carrots.

I’m not sure if it’s all the substantial food Lily is eating or if she is in a different sleeping stage but she basically sleeps all through the night now. (I hope I’m not jinxing it by writing about it!)

Just last night she slept from her regular 8p.m. until 4:30a.m.. That’s 8.5 hours straight! I then put her in bed with Will and I, breast fed her and we both fell back asleep until 7:30a.m..

Good food and good sleep, essential for a baby’s happy life. And mommy’s and daddy’s too! πŸ˜‰

Here is a healthy, full and well rested Lily late afternoon yesterday on the beach wearing an Old Navy romper and her Zutano hat. And a well rested me and Lily.

Happy 5 months Lily!

Lily is 5 months old today. Already? That was fast!

She weighs just about 16lbs and measures 25″.

Her mornings are spent at the park and the afternoons at the beach. She loves the swings and the ocean.

Lily can now easily roll over from her stomach to her back and from her back to her stomach. She is still trying hard to crawl and although she does move around, she has not yet mastered the art of crawling.

As far as food is concerned, she now eats rice cereal, bananas, apple and pear sauce, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocados, carrots, mangoes, broccoli, zucchini, peas and we will be trying tilapia today as a 5 month old gift. πŸ˜‰

Lily’s sleeping patterns have been very consistent lately. She usually takes 2-3 naps during the day and she has for the most part been sleeping through the night, from 8pm until 5am. When she wakes at 5am, I bring her into bed with Will and I, I breast feed her and sleeps until 7-8am with us.

She smiles more and more each day that passes and we even got giggles twice yesterday. Something that we had not heard since she giggled for the first time. Lily is also quite vocal these days baby-talking up a storm!

Lily is a wonderful baby and we are so happy to have her in our lives. (tears of the purest happiness) πŸ™‚

P.S.- As much as she has grown and changed, some things never do. She still rests her hand on my chest between my breasts when I breast feed her. It’s the sweetest thing.

Here are Lily’s little toes 3 days after she was born and below that, Lily’s toes last week. Lily’s hand resting on my chest while being breastfed also 3 days after her birth day. And, a 5 month old Lily today playing in her crib wearing babyGap pajamas that were a gift from uncle Darren.